Volunteer Times and Interest

Experience and References

The protection of confidential information about the individuals served by the Gateway Community Resource Center, as well as its employees, volunteers and donors is vital to the interest and the success of Gateway Community Resource Center. As necessary, staff and volunteers may exchange confidential information with each other when there is an appropriate need to know. Confidential information includes, but Is not limited to (i) information about co-workers or co-volunteers; (ii) information about clients; and (iii) information regarding client lists, donors, prospect lists, fundraising activities and other business practices of the Gateway Community Resource Center, Information, as described above, is not to be released to any outside sources. Volunteers who improperly use or divulge confidential information will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. I agree to respect the confidentiality of all privileged information I gain either directly or indirectly though my work with Gateway Community Resource Center, including information that involves staff, volunteers, clients, donors or overall Gateway Community Resource Center business.