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Join Gateway Community Resource Center as we offer Help, Education, and Enrichment to members of our community. Gateway is seeking volunteers to help support our mission and programs.  Many positions do not required specific skills or background – just bring your enthusiasm and desire to help others!


Our volunteers come from all walks of life and bring a diverse perspective to Gateway’s mission and programs. We are committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive organization and creating a safe and welcoming environment for both our volunteers and visitors. 


Do you have a desire to volunteer and MAKE A DIFFERENCE? If so, submit the volunteer inquiry found further below. A Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to discuss our current openings and answer any questions you may have

Volunteer Positions

Read about the available volunteer positions below, and join the Gateway Volunteer team to be a part of our unique non-profit.

Volunteer Coordinator

Gateway’s Volunteer Coordinator coordinates schedules to ensure events are sufficiently staffed, as well as recruits, trains, supervises and motivates our team of volunteers.

Social Media Facilitator

Under the direction of the Public Relations & Marketing Director, ensure a robust digital presence, developing engaging content and utilizing all relevant social platforms to communicate with the wider community.

Public Relations & Marketing Director

The Public Relations and Marketing Director will help Gateway increase our overall media presence and media coverage of event, initiatives and accomplishments; promote productive relationships with external partners; and leverage opportunities to grow on-line traffic.

Administrative & Communication Assistant

This position will accumulate, produce, review and distribute all necessary written communications with our staff and partners; help Gateway to develop and maintain a database of our donors; review program and event requirements for the facility; and provide administrative support to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Community Center Volunteer

Our volunteers receive training to prepare the Gateway facility for programs and events, welcome participants, provide information and answer questions ensuring a positive experience for attendees and helping to return the space to its original ordered state.

Web Master Support

Our Web Master maintains the Gateway website, updates and expands the system and content as needed, and identifies and resolves problems with functionality ensuring a user-friendly experience. WordPress experience is preferred.

 Internships are available for this position!

  • update site content as needed
  • timely updates and additions to the website
  • responsive to break/fix issues
  • WordPress experience/knowledge

Conversational English Tutor

Join Gateway as we provide Help, Education, and Enrichment to the local community. We are seeking additional English tutors to support our growing Conversational English Program. The program teaches English as a second language to students at no cost. The classes are taught in English and Tutors do not need to speak a second language. All classes are held at our facility in Boonton, NJ

 Want to learn more about volunteering with Gateway before signing up? Attend one of our Conversational English classes to observe with no obligation. This is an opportunity to meet our students, team members and learn more about our program. 

 Join us as we help and educate those that want to improve their lives by learning English. Contact us for more information about this rewarding opportunity. 


Commonly asked questions regarding Gateway’s volunteering opportunities.

How can I become a volunteer?

Open positions are listed on our website or you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (973) 404-0222 or info@gcrcnj.org.

What volunteer positions are available at Gateway?

Open positions can be found on our website, listed above.

What are the requirements and qualifications to become a volunteer?

Volunteers should possess a desire to help others in their community.  Their interests should align with the responsibilities of the role they are interested in and will vary based on the opportunity. Required training will be provided.

Are you able to work around my schedule?

Yes, we have Volunteer opportunities available during the day and evening most days of the week. We will work around your schedule.

Can I volunteer with a friend or family member?

Yes, we have many volunteers that work with a friend or family member. If you know of anyone that may be interested, suggest they apply through our website.

Is there a minimum number of hours I must volunteer?

No, there are no minimum number of hours required.

Can I add my volunteer service to my resume or job applicaiton?

Yes. The experience, knowledge, and skills you gain as a volunteer are applicable to many paid positions in both public and private sectors. Volunteer work often demonstrates your personal initiative, enthusiasm, and dedication to prospective employers.

Can a non-U.S. citizen become a volunteer?


Can students receive academic credit for their volunteer work?

It is the decision of the educational institution whether or not to give credit for students’ volunteer work. Our Volunteer Coordinator will provide the necessary job descriptions and assessments of the student’s work, as well as any documentation required by the educational institution. Students are personally responsible for making the arrangements with the educational institution and Gateway’s Volunteer Coordinator.

Are there age limits for volunteering at Gateway?

People 16 or older may apply for a volunteer position at Gateway.

Are a volunteer’s services tax-deductible

Open positions are listed on our website or you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (973) 404-0222 or info@gcrcnj.org.

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Gateway Community Resource Center is a unique nonprofit organization developed to serve our community by offering Help, Education, and Enrichment.

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